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A doodle journal that takes you to your happy spaces

Open this journal when you have a story to tell


It all begins with a story

Be it a childhood memory, your favourite playlist, words that you hold close or even illustrating secret maps to find your hidden packet of chips!


Origami of Becoming offers you a space to jot down or draw those small silly & memorable moments that bring you joy!

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Whether you open this book for yourself, gift it to another or use it to help others in a therapeutic setting, its strength is in its creativity and the awareness and thoughts it evokes in the reader. For those that like to doodle, journal, contemplate and embark on a new journey (in the past, present and/or future), this is an amazingly powerful and unique book for personal stories, experiences, dreams and hopes.

Trish Guy, Mental Health Practitioner


Origami of Becoming Journal



Stickers (Pack of 8)



Origami of Becoming Zine


Our Story

Imagine a time of your day where we don’t have to react, respond or press the like button.


Imagine a time where we take a pause, witness our thoughts! We live in a world right now, where we passively consume tons of facts, figures, opinions on an everyday basis.


We move forward each day, without looking back at “our awesomeness”. And then when someone compliments us, we dismiss it without giving much thought. Each day new stories of resilience & confidence are getting formed in our lives. Imagine a “little place” where you could store these boxes of wonderfulness that you have in you! This doodle journal seeks to be your moment of pause amidst the chaos.

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