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What is a zine?

​ If you have not heard of a zine, don’t stress! One more word added to your vocabulary today. A zine is a noncommercial often homemade or online publication usually devoted to specialized & often unconventional subject matter.

Origami  of becoming


Here is a freebie for you!

This zine consists of quirky quotes & journaling prompts. It can be used as a pocket-size journal, easy to carry where you go. 


  • Digital Zine is available to doodle on your iPad, or phone.

  • Print a zine on A3 size paper and enjoy doodling wherever you go


What do I use a zine for?

A zine can be used as a postcard, as a thought pad and so much more. What you can include in a zine is only limited by your imagination. Have fun, get outside of your comfort zone, make bold choices, and let the thoughts flow.

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