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Celebrate the little things around us

We all have great ideas that are waiting to be witnessed by the world. It is very rare, I believe that we gather courage and enough motivation to actually bring this idea in front of everyone.

Three years ago, on this day, 02/02/2020 , I brought this heart warming companion to life - the doodle journal inspired by Narrative ideas, at Weaving Voices conference in Mumbai.

We live in a world surrounded by the smartest technology and here I was influencing people to pick up a journal ( like a physical copy) and offer a space to connect with their thoughts.

And guess what? They did!

They picked up the journal, got curious, started exploring and the conversations haven't stopped. Who knew that was the beginning of a wonderful journey ahead!

So here is me, saying hello again to this co-traveler :)

This co-traveler is the doodle journal itself.

And I would like to introduce this person to you all

The doodle journal is a co-traveler in your life journey which takes you to your happy space. This person has a positive outlook on life. A person who likes to get curious about your strengths, and ways of life. You would love to talk to this person at the end of a busy workday. This person cheers you up, reminding you of the fabulousness in you.



Here is a sneak peek into the doodle journal zine that you may download this zine, share it with your tribe and begin your journey of journaling

Digital journaling zine
Download PDF • 846KB

It has been a great journey of ups and downs for me to navigate this space, across Mumbai and Melbourne in the past 3 years. And I treasure every bit of it.

Thank you everyone for holding me tight & showing all the warmth in this adventure

In hope and excitement


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