• Bimba

Letters to Coffee

Dear Co- traveler,

Every time I hear you or see you from a distance, a bulb lights up in my mind and brings a smile to my face, just like meeting an old friend. There is so much warmth and care in the way you appear in a conversation, and take it to another space.

I remember the first time I met you, I found you to be different and bitter. Like most other impressions I have about things in life, I generally find some faults in things and then fall in love with them eventually. It was at my cousin brother’s house, where my aunt connected us. At first, I made a face, only to make you the best friend over the last 12 years. Wow, that sounds so awesome!

I wonder what brought us closer? Was it the newly available cafes in the city to meet you? Was it my newly found crush going gaga over different types of brews and I was pretending to just nod in agreement? Maybe it was that. The fact that I met you every day, in the evening gave me a sense of solace and predictability. There was a major influence that you had on me, it was — standing out in the crowd and being loyal to the choices. At many times I got a subtle taunt from my family members, as to why have I suddenly stopped meeting your nemesis, Tea and joined the other side. Maybe you had some other intentions and life-gyaan to share with me, but this is the one that has stayed with me the most.

I value you, more than you can think of, my co-traveler. I have made sure you were by my side during the tiny yet significant moments of my life, whether it was memorable dates with my sister( yes I ensured she enjoyed your company), enjoying the hangover breakfast, staying less grumpy on my wedding day, surviving a 42 hour train travel with my in-laws, departing from my home country to unknown foreign lands.

My college friend has lately become your die-hard fan, so much that I know its a Monday morning when she puts a quaint little picture of you on social media, sending the message of love and happiness in a warm mug.

See, you are like the creative fuel that generates amazing ideas every time I am in your company, say for example writing this letter itself. So far I can confidently say, I am committed to be by your side and explore new landscaped with you.

Cheers to more times of sweet bitterness! I hope that our bond gives me more strength and courage to explore my own imperfections and be okay with it.

In excitement & love