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Letters to March

Hey there!

You came in with a box full of surprises! Each day I felt a sense of restlessness, fear, maybe denial and discomfort, or was it grief? I take time more time these days just to name what I am feeling. If only you could peek into planet Earth and witness what the world is going through!

You asked us to be at home and rely on our creativity to entertain ourselves. Really isn’t that too much to ask! While we are stuck in our homes, the food cravings just come up from nowhere. We feel like exercising more, and instead, we are glued to scrolling on our devices. The ears long for listening to the cacophony of sounds from chit-chats, gossips, car horns, train announcements, getting excited with familiar voices in the city. Boredom knocks loudly every time there is some empty space in our mind.

Creativity came in the form of sketches, colors and more!

You may think I am in full-on complain mode. And yes I want you to hear me out. I speak on behalf of my fellow human tribe, we need to give ourselves a lot more credit for how far we have come. We surprised ourselves by learning to live without a lot of stuff that we felt we couldn’t live without. Reached out to old friends over a call, played online games with nieces & nephews, made a fresh batch of cookies at home, opened that DIY craft kit! We discovered things that excite us are not so random, maybe they are connected to some purpose.

We even addressed the big elephant in the room. It was standing right there. Tried to ignore it, avoid it, hide it. And thanks all the time you gave us, March, some of us chose to address it through humor, or memes or just writing about it. We are stubborn to share our thoughts, but this time we did open up to our family, housemates, neighbors or Instagram. I feel the innocent voices were waiting to be heard. So maybe I thank you March for creating this space for conversations that had been paused for a while. Now that you are going away, are there any goodbye thoughts, feelings that you as a reader would like to say to March?

Adios March! Until next time…..

In hope and opportunity


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