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Letters to Conformity

Dear Conformity,

I think of you at odd times. You are invisible, yet sneakily appear in life situations. It’s like no one notices you, yet you are there. When you appear, everyone looks up to you in the spotlight. You get full attention. It feels like you are a pipe piper and everyone follows in your direction, no questions asked!

The rules or norms written by you are not found in school textbooks, or in the law book, rather they are etched in the minds of all people. It is almost that everyone in the society has learnt it from each other, without having any inclination to ask, WHY? Why do we have to remember and follow them?

I wonder what secret power do you have? How do you manage to influence people and their actions? The people I interact with — my friends, family, neighbours automatically listen to your voice and ignore my voice. How long do you think you can continue to exert your power?

This needs to change. You have killed many ideas of mine, adventures and risks that I and my friends would otherwise take. You have suppressed me out of the box ideas. This needs to stop.

The world is full of possibilities I have started believing now. Unconventionality is important to me and I am not going to be apologetic about this. I have decided not to listen to your voices and do what I feel like. Like the other day, I decided to wear black coloured kurta at a religious function. It felt liberating. Nothing changed. The people were the same. The conversation went on as they usually do. I think it’s time you do not start getting the attention you stubbornly demand for.

In hope and faith



#Life Experience




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