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Schedule a time : To Do Nothing

Yup, you read that title right! We need to schedule time; otherwise, we, the human species, are on our way to being renamed as Human Doings ( well we are halfway there, I guess) instead of Human Beings. Yesterday evening, a 30 min phone chat with my sister focused on how difficult it is — to draw boundaries between work & non-work times; not knowing when to stop working or even thinking about work; not having any exciting activities to do post work hours, so instead just work.

One of the deadliest by-products of the pandemic is this emerging belief that — only if you are productive, you are worth it. If we take a break, we ought to do something “ meaningful” ( aka side projects, hobbies etc.) or else, the time is wasted. How can you afford to waste time, lets's just do some more research for our next work day?

The loop continues.

Take a pause here, and re-read the loop. Most people I interact with are stuck in this loop, including myself. This loop is so close and so overwhelming that we get sucked into it, even if we are aware of it.

So here is a thought that I had today morning, how about we schedule an event on Google Calendar (it's best if it's in the middle of your work routine) to do nothing. Firstly, make it big, make it an event ( not a task). Inform all The judgements voices in your mind to take a timeout!

By scheduling, firstly, you would get a notification on your phone, perhaps an email — which would act as a reminder that it's important to pause. And this pause is not procrastination.

It is an act of resistance against The 24/7 Productivity Master.

This is also an act of care, an act of kindness towards yourself to remind you that you deserve some time off.

Yes, we all deserve it. Even if no one has said this to you.

Work can wait. Emails can wait. Phone calls can wait. All social media can wait.

Yes, it can.

And if you try harder, it will wait for you.

It has no choice :)

We are the authors of our next moment - Chris Prentiss.

We have time by our side. All we got to do is wander. Loiter around with your thoughts. Stare at nothingness. Make friends with the little ants crawling around you.

Nothingness is your companion, who is waiting to meet you.
So go out there!

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