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Doodle Journal

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Material - 100 GSM matte finish paper; Softbound; 80 pages 

Dimension - A5 size notebook 21cm  x 15cm

Origami of Becoming is a doodle journal with unique prompts on each page, that guide us to our happy, comfortable and safe spaces, on the not-so-good days. This journal has a quirky font & illustrations. Open spaces are provided after each prompt that lets you doodle and write your thoughts. This doodle journal can be an amazing gift for a friend or family who likes to journal daily. It is also a great gift to explore for yourself.

What does it consist of?

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I was awaiting your journal for months and was excited to be the first person to get a copy! The journal is interactive, allowing one to express, doodle, draw... it's an instant connection. Different pages make me think, feel and do different things. Arouse a healthy curiosity about one's sense of self. Realise the things, places, people, values and dreams that are dear to me and strengthen the bond. 

- Anand Kumtha, Educator

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 3 reasons why this Origami of Becoming  is your perfect companion

We are born into stories. Our life stories are influential if we choose to take notice. Since childhood, we have heard stories of our weird habits, which transition into stories of risk-taking & adventure when we were in college. Currently, we may still hold on to some of these stories and make them a part of our own identity. Problems develop when people internalize conversations that restrain them to a narrow description of self. The prompts used in this journal invites us to enable new understandings of our own lives. Let us try to create a space between people & what is troubling them. 

When a person has understood themselves as “lazy”, now instead they understand that “Laziness” has come to dominate their lives and that there is a chance to reclaim their life from its effects

An invitation to notice the alternative stories of our life


Doodling as an opportunity for  expression

Currently, we have constant access to vasts amounts of information. We honestly do not know what to do about it: Do we unplug? Do we absorb more? Do we actively reflect & engage with it? Doodling allows us to have do all the actions at one go. Doodling activates the visual senses to help further engage the brain. With this greater sense of self and meaning, we may be able to feel more relaxed and concentrate more.

Journaling is a great space to rediscover the joy of writing on paper with your favourite pen, that we so often forget to feel in the age of screens & technology. Putting pen to paper can be an opportunity to reveal what you may be feeling. Some of you may choose to doodle/draw and that’s okay too. Insight can be gained from doodles because they create a tangible representation of something from our brains, which is a first step in triggering insights through the process. 


Explore a new way
to unwind


Start exploring new ideas today!

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